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Who as a cyclist doesn’t dream to climb a renowned mountain by bike. Or maybe already did achieve this challenge successfully… so an appropriate souvenir is in order don’t you think?

To commemorate this effort we have an appropriate souvenir for you. A miniature version of the posts you see along the road to the top. To avoid having to excavate the big ones we give you the opportunity to take one home in a more handy size. W 34mm x D 24mm x H 75mm and a weight of +/- 120 gr casted in synthetic plaster. Painted in the same colors as the real ones mentioning the name of the mounting or col, the height, place of departure and distance in km to the top. Standard, these data are printed on both sides.

Although the quantity of our standard souvenir road markers are yearly increasing, it speaks for itself that we cannot provide each climb.
Nevertheless we are able to realize any road marker you wish , for a small extra cost , even for one piece! Additional text and/or logo is no problem. So please do not hesitate to tell us more about your specific demands. We will reply with a design proposal and price offer.

Magnets, pins and keyrings

Our magnets have a size of 80mmx35mm and are finished with a beautiful epoxy layer. They are an identical replica of the height boards as you find them at the top of the cols.


"Thanks for your quick response. And thanks for making a great product. Getting to the top of Mt. Ventoux is significant accomplishment for most people, it is nice to have a souvenir to commemorate it. "

– Sparrow Mark London, UK

"Alvast bedankt voor uw snelle afhandeling en het is zeker op tijd, ik zal alvast mijn vrienden op de hoogte brengen van uw website zodat ze ook een bestelling kunnen plaatsen want het is een mooi aandenken!"

– Degezelle Krist Vichte, BE

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